Configuring Viz

Viz Configuration is the configuration interface for Viz Engine and other applications that integrate with Viz Engine.


The Viz Configuration user interface is divided in two:

  • Sections: Shows a list of all the sections available for configuration

  • Configuration Parameters: Shows all available configuration parameters for each section

Various parameters regarding the program functionality can be set in the configuration.

Note: Additional and more advanced settings can be set in the Viz Config file (not recommended).

Viz Artist/Engine is mainly configured with the Viz Configuration. However, all configuration settings are stored in a Viz Config file (located in the <viz data folder>). The Config file uniquely identifies the machine that Viz Artist/Engine is installed on by the use of its hostname (e.g. Viz-<hostname>-0-0.cfg).

Any changes to the hostname will affect the configuration. If a hostname is changed, a new Viz Config file is created with a default setup. The old Viz Config file is not deleted, but left unused. If required, the old Viz Config file can be reassigned with the command -g <config file>.

Caution: Make sure that any changes are saved before Viz Configuration is closed. Changes are not saved and will not take effect until Viz Artist has been closed and started again.

IMPORTANT! Folder, File and Path Naming Convention: Do not use the Hash tag (#) in any folder, file or path name. If used in Folder, File and Path Names, text after a Hash tag will be ignored.

This section contains information on the following topics: