Coloring text containing special characters

When STV_TextHighlight is placed on a text container, the plugin recognizes certain characters and lets you change the color of any word containing that character (for example: #tags @User http://).

Note: You must send text to the “text” property of this plugin using the ControlParameter.

An example Viz Artist scene is shown below:


The resulting scene, with important information highlighted, is as follows:


The Emoji option allows users to visualize emojis in a text. All emojis are a list of characters that are replaced by images.


List of parameters:


Images: Default/Custom

When using default the plugin will use the images located under: C:\Program Files\Vizrt\Viz3\plugin\data\TextHighlight\72x72

When using custom the user can define a path to their own images (Note that the custom path should be accessible to all machines running VizEngine, including Trio and Preview engines.)

Word Folder: allows the user to define a folder of images containing words that should be replaced by emojis

Ignore List: allows the user to define a list of characters that should be ignored when replacing with emojis

Word List Separator: character to be used as a separator of the list of words to replace by emoji

Word List: list of words to be replaced by emojis


The Text FX option allows users to apply similar effects as Text FX plugins when using emojis. For more information please refer to section ‘TextFX’ in the Viz Artist User’s Guide.