CINEMA 4D Integration

Scenes imported into Viz Artist from CINEMA 4D can be connected through a CINEMA 4D LiveLink tool (see Working with CINEMA 4D Files).

IMPORTANT! CINEMA 4D: a license is required for the import of CINEMA 4D Scene, issued by Vizrt.

IMPORTANT! The CINEMA 4D LiveLink tool is only available on Viz Artist 3.7 (or higher) 64-bit version only.

This section contains the following topics:

System Requirements

These are the minimum requirements to import CINEMA 4D Scenes into Viz Artist:

  • CINEMA 4D: Version R15

IMPORTANT! If the CINEMA 4D version is R15 <= SP2, do the procedure detailed in: <viz install folder>\r15_sp2_fix, after the installation.

  • Viz Artist: Version 3.7 or higher (64-bit only)

  • License: Maxon CINEMA 4D license

  • To Import:

    • Viz Artist: Version 3.7 or higher (64-bit only)

    • License: CINEMA 4D import 1 license

CINEMA 4D Set-up

This section details how to set up CINEMA 4D for Viz Artist.

  1. Open CINEMA 4D.

  2. Click Edit -> Preferences -> Files

  3. Enable Save Polygons for Melange.

  4. If required, also set Save Animation for Melange to On.

IMPORTANT! If Save Animation for Melange is set to On, make sure to read about the Current Limitations of Viz Artist and CINEMA 4D integration.

CINEMA 4D LiveLink Tool Installation

The CINEMA 4D LiveLink tool is part of the Viz Artist installation, but it is not installed by default. When Viz Artist is installed make sure to select CINEMA 4D LiveLink and add it as part of the install (see the Viz Engine Administrator Guide).


IMPORTANT! CINEMA 4D must be installed on the system for the installer to correctly install the LiveLink tool.