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Bar Value

Bar Value controls the value of all Bar plug-ins and Counters of its child nodes. In addition a set of commands can be specified that are executed when the value passes certain thresholds.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Presenter

This section contains information on the following topics:

Bar Value Properties


  • Bar Min: Minimum Value of the bar.

  • Bar Max: Maximum Value of the bar.

  • Value: The actual value of the bar.

  • control counters: States if counters should be affected. If this is checked, Value will be shown in all Sub-Containers with Counter plug-ins.

  • Type: Determines whether the command should fire if the threshold is passed from below, or from above. Off does not execute the command at all. Available options are Off, Up and Down.

  • Threshold: The threshold against Value is compared.

  • Command: The Viz Artist/Engine command that will be executed when the threshold is passed.

To Create a Bar that Shows its Value

  1. Create a Container and add the Bar Value plug-in to it.

  2. Open the Bar Value editor, and check control counters.

  3. Set Threshold to 20, Type to Up and set a command (e.g. MAIN*ONAIR GET_INFO).

  4. Add two Sub-Containers.

  5. Add a Font and a Counter plug-in to the first Sub-Container.

  6. Add a Cube and a Bar plug-in to the second Sub-Container.

  7. Set the Cube’s Y-Axis Center to (B)ottom.

  8. Open the Bar plug-in editor and set Param Type to Scale and Scale to Y.

  9. Modify Bar Value’s Value field.

    • If the value exceeds 20 the information will be written to the console.

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