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CFX Jitter Alpha

The CFX Jitter Alpha plug-in creates a jittering motion of the containers by randomly changing the alpha value of each container. The degree of change and the start sequence of the jittering can be altered. To use the plug-in, add it onto a container with a font. To create an animation, animate the progress. Other values can of course be animated as well.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> ContainerFx

This section contains information on the following topics:

CFX Jitter Alpha Properties


  • See: Common Container FX Properties

  • Effect What: Defines where the effect should have an effect. Available options are background (BG), foreground (FG) or both.

  • Alpha Begin: Sets the alpha level of the container at 0% effect.

  • Alpha End: Sets the alpha level of the container at 100% effect.

  • Randomness: Sets the intensity of the jittering alpha changes.