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Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©

Camera Editor Left Panel


  • images/download/attachments/27788536/cameras_camera_lock_unlock.png Lock/Unlock: Click the Keyhole to lock and unlock a camera. Locked cameras are indicated by an orange icon. Except for shortcuts that switch to other cameras, the Scene Editor keyboard shortcuts are disabled for locked cameras. The properties of a locked camera can still be edited through manipulating it in the Scene Editor Views, or by changing the camera parameters in the Camera Editor Right Panel.

  • Nr: Shows the camera number, from 1 to 16. Selecting a camera will automatically set the viewing perspective in the Scene Editor to that of the selected camera.

  • Name: Shows the camera name. Right-click or press <F2> to assign a new camera name.

  • Control: Toggle between:

    • Remote: Enable to receive tracking data from a real camera. Remote cameras are not supported for GFX Channel media assets.

    • Editor: Enable to configure camera settings.

  • Vis: Shows the status of the camera:

    • Off: The camera will not be shown in the six predefined orthogonal views. To see a camera in a predefined orthogonal view can help to change the properties of a camera, by dragging the parameters in those views.

    • On: Shows the camera.

    • Inf: The camera will be shown with infinite lines. This is a good aid for visualizing the scope of a camera that is located far away.

  • View: Shows the current Camera Editor Left Panel view of each camera. Options are:

    • P: Perspective

    • O: Orthogonal

    • W: Window