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Control Condition

With the Control Condition plug-in action can be triggered based on the input given in a tab-field with the same field identifier.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Control

This section contains information on the following topics:

Control Condition Properties


  • Input Value: Show the current input value to the plug-in

  • Format: Set the format for the input value that it should conditionally trigger on

    • Condition: Set the type of condition if Format is set to number

  • Arguments: Set the arguments for the conditional operation

  • Action Type / Action: Set the action that is to be performed when the condition is met. It can be a control object command like “ON 2 SET mytext” or a Viz Engine command prefixed by a zero and a space

  • Use Else Commands: When enabled, an else action will be triggered when the input data falls within the conditions

    • Else Action: Sets the else action that will be triggered when the input data does not fall within the conditions

Example Actions

Actions can be Control Object commands in the form like this:

“ON 2 SET Mike Johnson”

or commands like:


Viz Engine commands must be prefixed with a zero followed by a space. This is to enable the plug-in to recognize that the command should be interpreted as a Viz Engine command.

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