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Control Video

The Control Video plug-in exposes control over a video codec channel. Add this plug-in to give the Client Application operator an editor, such as the Media Search in Viz Trio or Viz Pilot, in which to search Viz One for video clips.

The plug-in works in combination with the Video Clip plug-in. This allows you to merge Key Frames with the object for Transition Logic scenes.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> Control

This section contains information on the following topics:

Control Video Properties


  • Loop Clip: Enables or disables continuous looping for a video clip in graphics.

  • Auto Play: Start playout on scene load.

  • Toggle Channel: Enables toggling between two clips in a Transition Logic scene. Enable to create a smooth transition between two clips, when loading a new clip.

  • Codec Channel: Sets the codec channel for the video board in use:

    • 1: Is normally used as the default codec channel for full screen video.

    • 2: Is normally used as the default codec channel for video in graphics.

  • Global Clip: Set to On to play the selected clip as a Media Asset, instead of adding the clip to the stage.

    Tip: Set Global Clip to Off to access the Director and Clip Key Frame fields.

  • Director: Specify by name the director that the clip loads to.

  • Clip Key Frame: Specify by name the Key Frame the clip loads to.

  • Viz One: Transfer Clips From Viz One.

  • Use CUE: This cues up clips by name only, and does not affect the involved clip channel. Requires Global Clip to be Off.

  • Expose cuing field: Setting this to On lets client applications control the Use CUE option through the sub-field cue. Requires Global Clip to be Off.

To run the clip at a specific Key Frame on a specific Director

  1. Set Global Clip to Off.

  2. Enter the name of the director that controls playout of the clip in the Director field.

  3. In the Key Frame field, enter the name of the Key Frame that triggers playout.

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