Viz Artist

Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©


Use this plug-in to create file cards with different widths and heights and other attributes.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Geom plug-ins -> Default

This section contains the following topics:

Filecard Properties


  • use LOD: Enable/disable dynamic level of detail.

  • Width: Set the width of the file card.

  • Height: Set the height of the file card.

  • Tab Position X and Y: Set the tab position in x-direction and y-direction.

  • Tab Angle: Set this value to get a smaller curve.

  • Bevel: Increase this value to get a soft edge.

  • Tesselation: This value changes the number of triangles of the rendered file card to increase the visual quality. Please consider that the number of triangles will affect the performance of the system.

To Create a Filecard


  1. Create a new group and add the file card plug-in to it.

  2. Add a material and/or a texture to the group.

  3. Open the file card editor and set the following parameters:

    • Set Width to 700.0

    • Set Tab Position X to 70.0, and Tab Position Y to 60.0

    • Set Tab Angle to 45.0

    • Set Bevel to 25.0