Viz Artist

Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©

Keying Mode

There are four types of keying modes built into Viz Artist, which can be used with Media Assets applied as Texture:

Linear Key

Linear key is the standard keying technique, and can be used for most applications. This is a logical key (enabled by the Key plug-in):

  • If a video or clip channel is applied to an object it is treated the same way as if it would be a static image.

  • If it is used as a background image it is the first item to be drawn and all objects in the scene are drawn on top of it regardless of the key settings in the global section of scene settings.

  • If it is set as the foreground image it will be the last item to be drawn and all other objects will only be visible in the parts of the screen where the key/alpha of the video is not 100% (opaque)

Chroma Key

Chroma key is mostly used with a virtual studio.

In chroma keying mode the key/alpha channel for the video source is generated for each field or frame. When used in a virtual studio, the video source should be dragged into the foreground image. This way items in the scenes without a key will be drawn first followed by the video source and last items with key information. This drawing order allows for semi transparent objects to be drawn in front of the talent.

The chroma keyer can also be used to cutout people or objects which were filmed in front of a blue or green screen for head shots or product placement. For sports applications where only one color needs to be keyed out the chroma keyer can also be used.

Note: Each input channel has a freely configurable chroma keyer.

M-zone Key

M-zone key is often used in outdoor sporting events broadcasts.

The multi zone keyer prepares the input video to be keyable by the chroma keyer plug-ins in the scene tree. It is typically used in sports productions where more than one color needs to be keyed out. The video source needs to be dragged into the background image in global settings. An unlimited number of Chroma Keyer plug-ins can be created in the scene, each keying out a different color.

Libero Key

If Viz Libero Clips are to be played, the Keyer must be set to Libero. This way the chroma key settings from the Viz Libero Clip will be used. Make sure that the clip comes with the Camera ID (.cid), Tracking Data (.trk) and Chroma Key Settings(.col) files.