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MtSensor plug-in

The MtSensor plug-in manages global telestration and plug-in settings.

The MtSensor plug-in is the scene plug-in that must be available for any MultiTouch feature to work. It is automatically added to the Scene if any of the Container or Geometry plug-ins that require it are inserted in the Scene. It can also be dragged from the Server Panel under Built Ins -> SP -> MultiTouchComp, to the plug-in tab under Scene Settings.

The MtSensor plug-in also provides a screen-wide telestration facility. It can be controller through plug-in parameters and buttons that are available for scripting.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Scene plug-ins -> MultiTouchComp

This section contains information on the following topics:

MtSensor Configuration


  • Active: Select On (enable) or Off (disable) telestration input from user.

  • Minimum Telestration Width: Minimum brush width to assign based on pressure applied to sensor.

  • Maximum Telestration Width: Maximum brush width to assign based on pressure applied to sensor.

  • Color: The color to assign for subsequent telestration drawing.

  • Id: To give additional context in the handler script, specify a string that will identify any notifications dispatched by this plug-in. This is often included as an argument for the event so a common script may handle events from a number of plug-ins.

  • Set Shared Memory: If ON enables shared memory to be updated for the plug-in notifications.

  • Shared Memory Prefix: This sets a ‘prefix name’ to be prepended to the shared memory variables maintained by the plug-ins notifications. For plug-ins that maintain multiple fields each field name has the prefix prepended to it followed by a dot, so as to mimic member access to an object. For example, if the prefix is ‘Obj’, the fields ‘field1’ and ‘field2’ would be identified with the strings ‘Obj.field1’ and ‘Obj.field2’. The shared memory field ‘Obj’ is also maintained and is simply an integer that is modified every time any of its ‘subfields’ is updated.

  • Shared Memory Type: Either Global, Scene, or Distributed. This selects the shared memory area to update.

  • SetDataPool: Shows ‘you wish’ plug-in notifications to set a DataPool variable.

  • DataPoolVariable: Shows the name of the DataPool variable one wishes to have set.

  • Init: Clear current telestration and make Telestration active.

  • Clear: Clear the contents of the attached telestration.


The MtSensor plug-in does not generate any events for the scripting engine. The scene-wide telestration feature emits the same events that the MtTelestrator plug-in emits.