Viz Artist

Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©

MultiTouch plug-ins

The MultiTouch plug-ins are used to take incoming touch events, process them and then trigger events, perform transformations on objects, telestrate, or trigger script events. The idea behind these plug-ins is to bundle often used or needed functionality and eliminate the need to write your own scripts or plug-ins for that. They are great tools to bring MultiTouch interactively fast and easily into a Scene.

The Container plug-ins require the MtSensor plug-in to be available to work. If a MultiTouch plug-in is added to a Scene it will automatically add the MtSensor plug-in to the Scene if it is not there.

The MultiTouch plug-ins can communicate with Viz scripts, either through event handlers, Shared Memory variables, or Data Pool variables. The plug-ins can also be controlled by triggering the ‘push buttons’ and/or setting the ‘parameter’ variables exposed by the plug-in. Specifics on what features are available for each plug-in are documented in the plug-in specific sections below.

In the Viz Artist editor interface the ‘E’ button toggles between enabling and disabling emulated sensor input using the mouse as well as direct input from a sensor.

The plug-ins will work with multiple layers. Each Scene layer with MultiTouch objects installed in it should also have an instance of the MtSensor plug-in automatically installed.

The following Container plug-ins are located in the MultiTouchComp folder:

Make sure you also read up on the Plug-in Event and Notification System.