Viz Artist

Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©

To Open a Scene in the Database

  1. Select Server from the Main Menu Left.

  2. In the Server Tree, select the folder or project where the Scene is.

  3. Open the Scene:

    • Double-click the Scene to open it, or

    • Drag the Scene to the Scene Tree area, or

    • Drag the Scene to the renderer window.
      The content of the Scene will be shown as Containers in the Scene Tree, and visualized in the renderer window.

Note:Image Editor or Scenes are marked with a Keyhole icon images/download/attachments/27788293/tree_knowledge_pool_locked_code.png .

Tip: If the folder or project’s path is unknown, search for the Scene in the SmartView Search function under the <Username>s View tab in the Server Panel.

Tip: The Status bar in the lower left part of the main window (between the Close and Undo buttons) shows the name and path of the current Scene. Click on the path to select the Scene in the Server Panel.