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Text FX Emoticons

The Text FX Emoticons allows you to create an emoticon container, add it to the Emoticons plug-in and replace characters (tokens) in a text string with an assigned container.

IMPORTANT! This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Container plug-ins -> TextFX

This section contains information on the following topics:

Text FX Emoticons Properties


  • Autoscale: Scales the emoticon containers so their height above the baseline (0) is identical to the height of character A.

  • UTF-8 Encoding: Enables UTF-8 encoding for the text effect.

  • Token 1 - n: The placeholder for an emoticon.

  • Container 1 - n: References the container holding the emoticon. The container should be similar to the layout of a glyph.

  • Precache 1-n:- Enables Viz Artist/Engine to cache the objects.