Viz Artist

Version 3.9.0 | Published December 13, 2017 ©

pxTurbDissolve and pxTurbWipe

Both pxTurbDissolve and pxTurbWipe utilize the native multi-texturing support of Viz Artist.

pxTurbWipe includes the parameters of Angle and Softness.

To apply TubDissolve and/or TurbWipe

  1. Insert an image into the scene tree.

  2. Go to the image’s texture editor and make sure that the texture Unit is set to 1 and the Inheritable option is active.
    This will be your Image A in an A-B transition paradigm.

  3. Place a child image underneath the first one.
    This will be Image B.

  4. In Image B’s texture editor, set the Unit to 2 and make sure that the Inheritable option is inactive.

  5. Apply the Dissolve plug-in to the Image A (the parent image).

  6. In the plug-in editor, first adjust the Transition, followed by the other parameters, as per your liking.

Note: This plug-in is located in: Built Ins -> Shader -> PixelFX

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