Setting Up a Video Wall

This section contains the procedures on how to set up a video wall consisting of three Viz Engine machines, controlled by Viz Content Pilot.

IMPORTANT! The three Viz Engine machines will be referred to as viz1, viz2, and viz3. The control machine will be referred to as control. The Video Wall machine will be referred to as vwall.

The content for the Video Wall can be sent via Viz Content Pilot, as well as Viz Trio, Viz Weather, etc. Some settings may vary between applications. Consult the relevant application’s documentation for further details.

The procedures below assume that the Viz Video Wall Control is installed on the control machine and the Viz Video Wall Distributor is on the vwall machine. While this is the standard setup, theoretically, you can run both applications on the same machine. See Optional Setup Solutions for details.

This section contains information on the following topics: