Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

Version Latest | Published May 22, 2018 ©

Amazon AWS Cloud

To ensure the full functionality of your Vizrt licenses after a restore, please follow the steps below for creating a supported back-up.

Create Volume snapshot

Step 1: Under the Description tab for the instance, you can see the block device(-s) for this particular instance.


Step 2: Click on the block device to check the volume's EBS ID. If there is just one volume available in the server, then this volume should be the same as the root device. This will become the volume for the snapshot.


Step 3: Click on the EBS ID to get to the volume overview. Then, you right-click the volume and select Create Snapshot.

images/download/attachments/37567284/aws3.png images/download/attachments/37567284/aws4.png images/download/attachments/37567284/aws5.png

Step 4: After you have created the snapshot, you may find it in the snapshot overview. Right-click and select Create Volume.


  • Step 5: In the Create Volume-wizard, you must be sure to choose the correct value in the Availability Zone* input field, so that the volume will be available to where your virtual machine is located. After you have created the volume, it will be visible in the volume overview.



To restore the state of the virtual machine to the state of this volume, you must first detach the damaged/old volume in the virtual machine. Next, attach the virtual machine volume to the instance from which the snapshot has been taken by right-clicking the volume and selecting Attach Volume.


Select the correct instance and enter /dev/sda1 into the Device input field. This sets your volume to be your boot volume.


After completing this step, the virtual machine can be turned on again. It will now be using a valid license.