Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

Version Latest | Published May 22, 2018 ©


Starting in autumn 2017, Vizrt will gradually roll out a new software protection program, replacing the node-locked licensing not just with a more flexible technology from our partner WIBU Systems but also introducing a License Portal. This document provides information about the License Portal, and guides you through the different self-service options and processes.

Main benefits of the new software protection program

  • You can choose between:

    • Conventional dongles that allow you to use your Vizrt license on different systems.

    • Dongle-free license activation on the individual, physical machines where a file container that holds the license for your Vizrt software, is installed on the system.

    • Some Vizrt products will offer a License Server option in the future, where licenses for those products will be kept centrally and can be checked out by or assigned to individual machines for a period of time. On-premise license servers should be operated with conventional dongles. Cloud license servers can be operated with software containers.

  • Several self-service options offer more independence and they eliminate international response times.

When does the new software protection program become effective?

This software protection program will be implemented in the Vizrt software as part of the new major releases. Prior versions covered by software protection will continue to run on the node-locked licensing. The License Activation chapter describes in which situations you should use the License Portal.