Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

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Online License Activation

For system requirements on the online license activation, please review the supported options and make sure that you have installed the Vizrt License Service.

This section contains the following information:

Activate a new license on an online computer

To activate a new license on a computer which is connected to the Internet, click the License Ticket link in the license email, or open your browser and go to to reach the Viz License Portal.

  1. After authentication, click Import for this machine.

  2. If you opened the Viz License Portal from a ticket link, this ticket is pre-selected. Otherwise, enter your Ticket-ID in the Ticket field. Auto-complete will suggest tickets available for your company. Then, click Next.

  3. The Viz License Portal checks whether your computer has a software or hardware container. You can download a software container as an alternative to attaching a hardware dongle. The first time you download a license to a computer, no software container is found. Select Create Container to create a software container for your computer.

  4. Review the ticket license summary. Let your cursor hover over the Features-box to see further details. If you have more than one available container, for example, you have one software container and one hardware dongle, you can select which container you would like to activate the ticket on.


  5. Important!

    This window must remain open during the entire process.

    Click Activate to start the license activation process. The Viz License Portal communicates with Vizrt to activate the ticket. This process may take a few minutes, depending on the number of features in the license and your Internet connection. images/download/attachments/37552638/Step2_Download_UpdateA.png


Your Ticket cannot be found

Contact your Sales Account Manager or your region's Vizrt Licensing department, so that they can verify that the ticket is associated with the correct account, or if adjustments are required.

This ticket is deactivated

The activation process was most likely interrupted causing the licenses not to upload successfully. Contact your region's Vizrt Licensing department so they can issue a new ticket.

This ticket is already activated

The licenses of this ticket have already been uploaded successfully.

The connection could not be established

The Vizrt Licensing Service could not be reached during the ticket activation process. Check the service status and make sure it is running.

Your container cannot be activated for the following reasons - feature xxx already exists...

The current ticket contains one or several features which have already been activated in this container. Install the licenses on a different machine. If the licenses are intended for this machine, contact the Sales Account Manager or your region's Vizrt Licensing department so that they can send you a license extension for your container instead.