Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

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Stage 1: Running Viz Engine 3.10 in parallel to prior versions

In the first stage of the upgrade process, you will be able to obtain software containers for Viz Engine 3.10 licenses where the license expiry date will be copied over from the original dongle. This means that if your dongle contains permanent licenses, you will also receive permanent Viz Engine 3.10 licenses. There is no time limit for Stage 1 - so you can run those Viz Engine 3.10 licenses in parallel for as long as you need.


The Viz Engine 3.10 licenses you will receive, are bound to their respective dongles. You will not be able to operate Viz Engine 3.10 without the dedicated dongle. If you remove the dongle or apply a different dongle, it will result in an "invalid license" error in Viz Engine 3.10.

Step 1: Enter the Dongle ID

Use the (multi) paste field or the file upload options to enter the dongle IDs for which you would like to obtain a Viz Engine 3.10 license. You will receive a summary view of all dongle IDs, where you can still remove any individual or all the dongle IDs altogether.


Step 2: Verify Dongles and Upgrade

Take a moment to verify that you have provided the correct dongle IDs and that those are also selected for the first upgrade step. You can see how many dongles are selected at the bottom of the screen.

Note that only the valid dongles (not the expired ones) will be listed in the table of dongles! The invalid dongles will be ignored even if they are uploaded or directly pasted.

Note that the Current status of the dongles for which you have not yet started the upgrade process is Start Upgrade Process.

Press Upgrade selected. The license portal will now create Viz Engine 3.10 licenses in the background and display them in a separate browser tab (make sure the content of the portal is not blocked by the used browser's security settings).


The data from this tab can be saved locally as an HTML file. You can see which ticket ID is bound to which dongle ID together with the issued features for each license.


Additional Information

For some dongles, we will need to get more information on what products you operate with it. Whenever this is the case, an overlay is displayed on the page, classifying the dongles which you would like to upgrade into two categories.

Please, review the questions and select the appropriate option. If you need to look up the detailed information, you can use the Cancel button in the upper right corner to abort the upgrade process for all dongles.


The answers you provide will be cross-checked against your purchase history. In case our records show that all your purchased products were already fully proce ssed (already added to other dongles) , we will display a warning message to indicate that the selected upgrade option is no longer available.


Once all the dongles in this overlay are handled, you will be able to accept our additional Terms and Conditions for this upgrade and trigger the license upgrade with the OK button.


Step 3: Activate Tickets

Please activate each ticket on its assigned machine, using either the online or the offline license activation process.