Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

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Stage 2: Obtain temporary Viz Engine 3.10 licenses without dongle binding

You would start the second stage of the license upgrade process once you no longer need to operate Viz Engine 3.10 in parallel with older Viz Engine versions on a specific machine. Stage 2 will release the binding to the dongle and issue a 90-day license for the Viz Engine 3.10, so that you can detach the dongle and return it to Vizrt.

Please, note that Stage 2 can only be completed once Vizrt has physically received the dongles. Therefore, we highly recommend using a safe and insured method of shipment, where you will be able to trace the delivery status at all times.

Step 1: Select Dongle IDs

Please select the dongles for which you would like to start Stage 2 of the license upgrade process. You can use all the available select options (search, multi-paste, file-upload or ticking off the list one by one).

Dongles for which you can start Stage 2 have the Current status: Upgrade Process started


Step 2: Verify Dongles and Upgrade

Please, take a moment to ensure you have selected the correct dongle IDs, then press Upgrade selected to receive your new license tickets in a separate tab, as you did in Stage 1.

The license information will now display both the container on which the ticket should be activated and the dongle ID to which the license was bound in Stage 1. The Vizrt Offline License Helper will display the ID of your local software container if in doubt.


Step 3: Return Dongle to Vizrt

After the license portal generated the tickets for the Stage 2 upgrade, those dongles will change their Current status to Return Dongle to Vizrt. Once you have activated the Stage 2 licenses on all the relevant machines, you can safely detach the dongles and coordinate with your Sales Account Manager to which address you should return them. As mentioned above, please make sure to use a safe method of shipment which will allow you to trace the delivery progress and also include insurance coverage in case the shipment gets lost.