Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

Version Latest | Published May 22, 2018 ©

Update Maintenance Period

By signing a Support and Maintenance Agreement with Vizrt, you benefit from the development of the new releases. During this maintenance period, the new license protection program will allow you to upgrade your Vizrt Software to new versions. Since the maintenance period is encoded in your Vizrt license, it may be necessary to update this information if no other changes were made to the license following the periodic renewal.

For a convenient bulk update of all the necessary licenses, you can visit the Viz License Portal under License Overview and request new tickets for all the containers that require an update of the maintenance period.

Step 1: identify containers that need to be updated

The My Licenses overview displays all the containers which currently do not show the latest maintenance period with Current status: Update Maintenance Period.


Updating the Maintenance Period is not mandatory - as long as you run a Viz software version which is captured by our current maintenance period there is no need for action. Only once you decide to upgrade your Vizrt software to a newer version, an update might become necessary.

Once you select the containers for update an additional button Update Maintenance Period will appear, also displaying the current end date of your support and maintenance agreement. Once you click the button, a second tab will open up, containing the tickets with your new licenses.