Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

Version Latest | Published May 22, 2018 ©

Upgrade Viz Engine dongles to software containers

Vizrt dongles which were issued for Viz Engine version up until 3.9.x can be transferred into a software container under the new Viz Engine license model, which will be valid along with Viz Engine 3.10.


  • You are covered by a valid maintenance and support agreement under which you can benefit from free upgrades to new product versions.

  • The SDI output level of your Viz Engine license will be supported by Viz Engine 3.10 and higher.

    • Viz Engine licenses which only support SD output cannot be transferred. However, you are able to purchase upgrades to HDTV output with your sales account manager to make the licenses eligible for transfer.

  • You will need to have a Vizrt License Portal login. If you do not have a login yet, please contact your sales account manager.

After logging in to the Viz License Portal, please go to the License Overview page. This page will show you all the dongles for which you have already started the upgrade process, resp. all software and hardware containers under the new software protection program.


Vizrt is aware of some rare circumstances in which multiple products are licensed on the same dongle (such as Viz Engine and Curious Maps), whereas the conversion process only considers Viz Engine as the license to be converted. In case you are aware of such situations, please contact your sales representative prior to the conversion.

Elements on the screen

  1. You can copy/paste one or multiple dongle IDs into this field and make them available for upgrade.

  2. Alternatively, you can upload a CSV or TXT file containing the dongle IDs - respectively the HTML license file you have received for your current licenses.

  3. Once your My Licenses list increases, you can use this field to search for specific dongle IDs within the list.

  4. List of dongles and licenses under the new software protection program.
    The Current status column indicates for dongles where they currently are in the license upgrade process. For licenses under the new software protection program, you can see whether they are eligible for maintenance period update.
    Clicking on a specific dongle or license will give you more details about the licensed features.

  5. An integer that shows you how many dongles/licenses you have selected for upgrade.

  6. The button that will start the license upgrade.

  7. Generates an HTML file containing the current licenses for the selected dongles/containers in a separate tab.