Viz Licensing Administrator Guide

Version Latest | Published May 22, 2018 ©

Vizrt Licensing Service

Before you can activate your license, you must install the VizrtLicensing service. This service handles the communication between our software protection server and your local computer.

When you connect to the Vizrt License Portal for the first time, the welcome page provides a download-link to the installer.


You can also download the installer at any time, by selecting Download from the License Portal menu. Follow the on-screen instructions from the installer. Aside from the required dependencies, the installer also checks for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 and installs it, if required. When the installation completes, the VizrtLicensing service starts automatically.

This service must be running before you activate your license online.

For offline license activation, you must run the installer to obtain all the necessary tools for the license activation. However, the service itself can remain stopped.

Command Line Configuration

If the installer for the Vizrt License Service should be part of an installation package, for example for cloud deployment, you can run the installer with the following command line flags:

LicensingInstaller.exe /verysilent /localinstall=1
  • /verysilent: Prevents any Dialog

  • /localinstall=1: Configures for local installation (No sharing of licenses)