Mosart REST API Release Notes

Version 1.2 | Published July 14, 2021 ©

Mosart REST API Release Notes

Mosart REST API 1.2

These are the release notes for the component Mosart REST API 1.2. This document describes the user-visible changes that have been made to the software since release 1.1.

New Features and Improvements

Alphabetical Listing

  • The list of templates is now alphabetically sorted.

System Requirements


  • ASP.NET Core Hosting Bundle

  • Microsoft Windows 10


  • The Mosart API is bundled with the NCS Plugin installer. An automatic upgrade is prompted if the current API is out of date.

  • The Mosart API is also available as a standalone installer:
    With your favorite FTP client, please visit
    then /products/VizMosart/Latest Version/WebComponents/


Documentation for Viz Mosart is available at the Vizrt Documentation Center:


Support is available at the Vizrt Support Portal.