Pilot Data Server Administrator Guide

Version PDS-8.3 | Published October 17, 2018 ©

Change Notifications

Change notifications are available through the REST API and the STOMP protocol on the Pilot Data Server.


List of database changes ordered from most recent to least recent.

  • Located at http://pdshost:8177/changelog

  • Parameters:

    • startId: The ID of the least recent change, or -1 for no limit. Default is -1.

    • lastKnownId: The ID of the most recent change, or -1 for no limit. Default is -1.


In a Viz Pilot system, the text-based message protocol STOMP (Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol) is used to subscribe to change notifications from Graphic Hub REST and Pilot Data Server. It provides push notifications of new changes.

  • Located at:

  • Parameters:

    • lastKnownId: Mandatory, should be the ID in the STOMP link that is provided by the REST API.
      For example, when the data stored in the Pilot database changes, a message is delivered to all of the STOMP clients that are subscribed to the server.


The default change notification port for the STOMP protocol is 9876. Other services using this port may suppress the change notifications.