Pilot Data Server Administrator Guide

Version PDS-8.3 | Published October 17, 2018 ©

Database Parameters

You can access all database parameters from the Pilot Data Server’s VCP Parameters page (i.e. http://<hostname>:8177/app/DataServerConfig/DataServerConfig.html).

Caution: Settings should only be changed by administrators.

Viz Pilot Database Parameters

  • activex_preview_timeout: Sets the timeout in milliseconds waiting for the Viz Preview Engine connection before continuing. The default value is 10000. Can be overridden by the local registry setting PreviewTimeOut (see Registry Settings in Viz Pilot User Guide).

  • app_server: Sets the Pilot Data Server URI.

  • ax_add_dbdata_to_mosexternal: Adds extra information about the data in the element to the MOS item.

  • ax_add_itemchannel: Add default channel to the generated MOS XML.

  • ax_dataelement_timer_enabled: Sets the default behavior for showing or hiding the Graphic Event Timing options in the newsroom component when Saving an Element. When enabled it will show the timing editor, and when disabled it will hide the timing editor. This setting can be overridden by enabling the ShowGraphicEventTiming setting for the Template Information Component in Template Wizard on a template by template basis.

  • ax_disable_clear_layers: This setting to disables the clearing of all layers as the first commands sent when sending to preview.

  • ax_disable_data_overwrite: When turned on this setting disables the Save button in the newsroom component, hence, only the Save As button is active. This option also de-selects the Add to Library checkbox in the Template Save Dialog Box for all saved elements.

  • ax_disable_dragdrop: When turned on this setting disables drag-and-drop in the newsroom component. This option is useful when using a newsroom system that does not facilitate drag-and-drop interaction with plugins.

  • ax_disable_media_drag: When turned on this setting disables dragging of media from search results to the rundown. This option is de-selected by default, i.e. dragging of media from search results is allowed.

  • ax_disable_overlay_saving: When turned on this setting disables saving of overlay timelines for clip assets that has an overlay_timeline link. That is, when a clip is opened from the media tab, there will not be any previously saved graphics on the timeline. Overlay saving is enabled by default.

  • ax_dont_fetch_thumbnails: When enabled, the newsroom component will not fetch thumbnails for the templates and data elements when they are in list view mode, only in show icons view.

  • ax_enable_refresh_button: When turned on the refresh button in the ActiveX external preview form will be shown. The preview will be refreshed without resending the data to the preview server.

  • ax_enableMediaSendToRundown: When turned on this setting enables the Add to Rundown option in the media search. This is only useful if the newsroom system does not support drag and drop operations.

  • ax_force_detached_pvw: This setting forces detached snapshot-preview window in Ax/VCP.

  • ax_hide_data_elements: This setting will hide the data element list in the newsroom component.

  • ax_hide_media_tab: This setting will hide the media tab in the newsroom component.

  • ax_include_mosobj_tag: This setting will add a mosobj node to the generated MOS XML. This is needed for some (Dalet) newsroom integrations.

  • ax_mos_edit_save_returns: The ActiveX will check this parameter to determine if it should return to the template list after saving (when editing).

  • ax_preview_host: Hostname of the Viz Engine used to generate snapshot-preview images and fetch icons from Viz resources (images/geoms/materials etc.). It is also used as fallback vizhost for the ThumbnailGenerator.

  • ax_preview_img_protocol: Request snapshots in different image formats.

  • ax_preview_port: Port of the Viz Engine used to generate snapshot-preview images, and fetch icons of Viz resources (images/ geoms /materials etc). It is also used as fallback vizhost for the ThumbnailGenerator.

  • ax_ preview_tl_legacy_support: Enabling this setting the preview will send values to legacy transition logic location ($other$object) in addition to normal behavior.

  • ax_preview_tl_show_next_sub: \Toggle*continue_noanim command will be used when previewing transition logic.

  • ax_remove_continue_count: This setting disables the sending of continueCount in mosExternalMetadata.

  • ax_remove_objSlug: This setting removes objSlug from the generated MOS XML. This is needed when the newsroom component is hosted in AvidCommand.

  • ax_required_version: The required version of the Vizrt newsroom component for the ActiveX to work. If the newsroom component version is earlier than this, a warning will be presented to the user.

  • ax_savesas_cancels_edit : Default behavior is when you edit an item already in a script, then click \Save As New" the item in the script is replaced by the new item. Enabling this setting still creates a new graphic but does not replace the original item in the script.

  • ax_show_hints: Disable this setting to turn off all tooltips in the ActiveX. Tooltips can make Dalet newsroom system to crash.

  • ax_showsavechanges_dlg: This setting will ask users if they want to save the currently open data element or template when opening a new one.

  • ax_use_custom_gui_dlg: This setting will embed Viz Curious Maps Editor (CME) inside the same window as the newsroom component (and only for this).

  • clip_default_itemchannel: If a value is set, it is used as the default channel for video clips. The value is used in the itemChannel element in the MOS XML and will appear in the Viz Trio playlist and in the NCS. This parameter is empty by default.
    If a video or timeline element is reopened from the NCS rundown, the itemChannel chosen in the rundown will not be reset to the default again, even if the element is updated and overwritten.

  • compatible: Version number

  • country_language: Set the language to use for the country list. English is supported by default.

  • crop_service_uri: Sets the URL to the image crop service.

  • croptool_max_image_area: Sets the maximum area of a cropped image in pixels that will be served by the Pilot Data Server. Anything larger will be resized, while still respecting the aspect ratio of the crop. Maximum size applies even if no cropping is done. Image size = width x height in pixels. 0 = disabled.

  • data_server_url: Hosting URL of Vizrt Pilot Data Server (e.g. http://exampleserver.com:8177 ) or the reverse proxy server pointing to Vizrt Pilot Data Server. May contain base path prefix at the end of the base URL (e.g. http://exampleserver.com:8177/pds ).

  • delete_data_from_activex: Enable this setting to allow users to delete data elements from the newsroom component.

  • DELETE_DATA_PASSWORD: Password protection of data element deletion in the Viz Pilot client. If the value is empty, the delete data elements dialog will not be password protected.

  • disable_built_in_vos_search: This setting will disable the built-in VOS search. This should be used to prevent duplicate hits when moving to the new RESTful VOS search.

  • image_order_uri_template: Placeholder URL template for image orders.

  • image_share: Specifies the path the image Crop Tool (for templates) should use when saving a cropped image (<UNC or Windows path>)

  • live_update_interval: Update service poll interval in seconds. If the "Update at regular intervals while on air" option is enabled for a template with an update script or external update service, the Media Sequencer will invoke the update service repeatedly using the interval specified here. The minimum value is 2 seconds.

  • MediaSearch_itemPerPage: The value should correspond to Media Search Items per page.

  • model_uri_template: URL template for use with the Pilot App Server to get the model document for a template given by its database ID. It is used by the Maps Preview Server, as well as certain external systems. Do not change this value .

  • mse_script_runner: This setting can be used to set a different script runner for the MSE. Normally not needed. The default value is blank.

  • order_mgt_uri_template: URL template used to invoke the order management form.

  • payload_uri_template: URL template for use with the Pilot App Server to get the payload document for a data element given by its database ID. It is used by the timeline editor in the newsroom ActiveX as well as certain external systems. Do not change this value.

  • preview_server_uri: B ase URL to the Preview Server to be used when requesting preview images in the timeline editor (e.g. http://exampleserver.com:54000 ). This value will be read by the Pilot App Server and published in its service document.

  • schema_build: Minor build version of the database schema. Do not modify!

  • schema_version: Major version of the database schema. Do not modify!

  • script_runner_uri: The URL to the script runner that will execute update scripts to data/payloads.

  • shared_curious_server: Sets the Viz World Server IP or hostname for maps. In a multi-server setup use comma-separated IP/hostnames.

  • show_playlist_element_index: This setting will show a column in the VCP playlist that displays each item index in the list.

  • slim_mos_xml: This setting will slim down the MOS XML by removing optional tags.

  • spellcheck_dict_filename: Sets the filename for the dictionary file (.dic) and affixation file (.aff) for the spell checker. This parameter is mandatory and by default is en_US.
    For example, if spellcheck_dict_filename is set to my-special-en_US, then the spell checker will look for the two files my-special-en_US.dic and my-special-en_US.aff.
    Several spellchecking dictionaries have been included as part of the Viz Pilot system’s installation. The dictionaries are installed in the default location: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\vizrt\Common\dicts.
    Other dictionaries can be downloaded from OpenOffice; however, these must be UTF-8 formatted. Contact your local Vizrt representative if there is a need to convert and use another dictionary for spell checking purposes.

  • spellcheck_dict_path: Sets the path to the dictionary files for the spell checker. By default, this parameter is empty, which means the default location is used (%ProgramFiles(x86)%\vizrt\Common\dicts).
    If the files are not located under the default location, use a full path, mapped drive or UNC path.

  • timeline_update_service: The service document URL for the Timeline Update Service.

  • vcp_schema_name: e.g. PILOT.

  • video_mode: Video mode for channel. PAL or NTSC.

  • VOS_PASSWORD: Shows the encrypted version of the VOS password. As this setting contains the encrypted version, it should not be set here, but using the VOS change password dialog. Setting this to blank will disable password protection of VOS settings.

  • vtw_disable_unique_name_check: For customers that need to save different templates in different concepts with the same name. In other words, they are not using the Template Manager to link several scenes to the same template, but instead creating several templates. This could be due to incompatible scene structure etc.

  • vos_allow_edit_from_dll (optional): Enables or disables the toolbar in Object Store. When disabled it will disallow registering and editing of images and person information when Object Store is used with Viz Pilot News and Template Wizard. This option can be added to the database. Values are Y for allowing edit and N for disallowing edit.