Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.4 | Published March 22, 2022 ©

Backend Configuration

The Backend Config tab is where you select which backend to use to send meta information about MOS objects to the newsroom system.

The tab has three options:


When selected, Gateway does not send any information about our MOS objects to the NCS.


Viz Pilot Data Server

Use Viz Pilot Data Server as backend by entering the service document URI.


Add the base URL with the port: http://hostname:8177/.

Note: Viz Pilot Data Server can be configured to use either Viz Graphic Hub or Oracle. Make this selection when installing Viz Pilot Data Server. For more information see the Viz Pilot User Guide.


Select this option to use a direct Oracle connection as backend.


Description of parameters:

  • Schema Name: Enter the database schema name. Schema name is case sensitive. The default schema name is PILOT and must be upper case.

    Note: Default username, password and schema name for Viz Pilot is PILOT. For security reasons, the default password should be changed.

  • SID: Either enter a TNS name alias or a connection string. For the TNS name alias to work, Oracle’s tnsnames.ora file must be edited.

    Example: Alternative connection strings are <hostname>/<SID> or <IP address>/<SID>.

  • User: Enter the database username. Username is not case sensitive.

  • Password: Enter the database password. Password is not case sensitive.

  • Log DB Messages: Check this option to enable DB message logging.

    Note: Use of Extended Advanced Queuing (AQ) is automatically checked by Gateway.