Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.4 | Published March 22, 2022 ©

Installing Gateway

  1. Gateway is distributed as an optional component in the Media Sequencer installer, so you first need to download the Media Sequencer installer or the Media Sequencer bundle installer (recommended as Wibu CodeMeter runtime is included).

  2. Fetch the Gateway / Media Sequencer installer from All customers with a valid support contract have access to this area. Please contact your Vizrt Customer Support if you need credentials/password. Either use your preferred FTP Client or the web-based interface at When you have logged in to the FTP server, navigate to: /products/VizMediaSequencer/LatestVersion.

    Note: It is recommended to check the MD5 checksum of the downloaded installer before attempting to install.

  3. If there is an existing Media Sequencer installed at the server, uninstall the existing Media Sequencer using Windows > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program. It is recommended to take a copy of the existing Media Sequencer current state before uninstalling: Backup the current state by copying %PROGRAMDATA%\Vizrt\Media Sequencer\default.xml to a safe location.

  4. Start the installation by double-clicking the MSI installer, or bundle installer from Step 1. The installer is typically named MediaSequencer-amd64-<VERSION>.msi (64-bit version). The bundle installer is typically named MediaSequencer.BundleInstaller-<VERSION>.exe. Follow the installation setup instructions. Make sure to include the optional Gateway Component while installing as illustrated in the following figure:


    Similarly for the bundle installer make sure to select the Gateway Component while installing as illustrated in the following figure:

  5. It is recommended to make sure that the Media Sequencer service is launched and started automatically at system start. After you have installed Media Sequencer, Double-Click the Media Sequencer icon at the Windows Desktop or go to Windows > Programs > Vizrt > Media Sequencer > Media Sequencer. In the Media Sequencer Launcher Panel make sure that the option Launch on system restart is ticked on.

  6. You can make sure that the Media Sequencer is correctly installed and working by connecting to the Media Sequencer REST interface: Open your web-browser and connect to port 8580, for example: http://localhost:8580