Gateway Administrator Guide

Version 5.4 | Published March 22, 2022 ©

User Interface

This section describes the user interface for the Gateway Controller Client. The client is a configuration and status information tool that enables the user to configure and monitor the traffic on the Gateway server.

User Interface Overview


  • (1): Top menu containing the active configuration tabs. See Tabs.

  • (2): Click Help to access the Gateway Administrator Guide.

  • (3): Main configuration window. The content that appears here depends on which configuration tab is selected.

  • (4): Click to show specific message types in the Message area (5).

  • (5): Log message window. See Log Message Window.

  • (6): Start, Stop and Restart buttons. See Start, Stop and Restart Gateway Buttons.

  • (7): Gateway license status.

  • (8): Status indicators. See Status Indicators.

This section contains the following topics: