Viz Mosart User Guide

Version 5.0 | Published June 21, 2022 ©

Modifying Stories in the GUI Rundown

You can make last minute changes to upcoming stories directly in the rundown displayed in Viz Mosart.

Right-clicking in the story's information area displays a context menu:

Managing Stories

Adding a Story

To add a new story

  • Right-click in the info area and select Edit > Insert story.
    A New Story placeholder is added underneath the selected story.

  • To populate this new story, see To add items to an upcoming story below.

Adding Items to a Story

To add items to an upcoming story

  • From Assets and Favorites tab, drag items into the story.

  • Alternatively insert content using the Quick Editor.

To add items to the current story

You can append story items to the active story row.

  1. Click to select the story that contains the items you want to append.

  2. In the active story, right-click and select Edit > Append items to current story.
    All items (templates) from the story selected at step (1) are appended to the current on air story.

Removing a Story

To remove a story

  • Right-click in the info area and select Edit > Remove story.

Story Locks and Updates

Lock Story from NCS Update

To lock a story from NCRS updates

You can prevent any ongoing changes in the NRCS from affecting your manual story modifications (as described above).

  • Right-click in the info area and select Edit > Lock story from NCS update.

Rundown Reloads

Please note that a reload of the rundown will still delete any manual story modifications, even though the option Lock story from NCS update has been selected.

To prevent deletion of manual story modifications at rundown reload

  • From the Viz Mosart menu bar select Rundowns > Lock rundown.