Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Customer Support Requests

Support Requests are supported by Vizrt if customers have a valid Service Agreement in operation. Customers who do not have a Service Agreement and would like to set up a Service Agreement should contact their regional sales representative (see Customer Feedback and Suggestions).

When submitting a Support Request, relevant and correct information should be given to Vizrt Support, to make sure that Vizrt Support can give the quickest and best solution to your Support Request.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Before Submitting a Support Request

  • Submitting a Support Request

Before Submitting a Support Request

Before a Support Request is submitted make sure that you:


  • The relevant User Guides

  • The release notes

and Check:

  • That the system is configured correctly

  • That you have the specified hardware, tested and recommended versions
    Always refer to your Vizrt Service Level Agreement document.

Submitting a Support Request

When completing a Support Request, add as much information as possible.

Content of a Support Request

The report should contain information about these topics:

  • Problem description: Include a good description of what the problem is and how to reproduce it. Specify your workflow. Remember to use simple English.

  • Screen shots and illustrations: Use these to simplify the message. These are extremely useful for Vizrt Support.

  • Software configuration: Add exact versions of software (-build) used. This is also extremely important information.

  • System locale: Specify the Region and Language settings of the system.

  • System log files: Send the system log files (see Viz Log Files).

  • Crash log files: Send the error report and crash log files (see Crash Log Files).

  • System Config file: Send the system config files (see Viz Config Files).

  • Hardware configuration: Add exact versions of hardware used, especially for Viz Engine.

  • System setup: Describe differences in the installation, if any, from the recommended setup.

  • System Network: Add a description of how the network, bandwidth, routers, and switches are configured.
    Always refer to your Vizrt Service Level Agreement document.

To submit a Support Request:

  1. On the page, click on Support.

  2. Click on Report a case.

  3. Click on LOG IN to login to the Customer and Partner portal.

  4. At the top of the Case Management page, click on Report a Case.

  5. In the online form complete the required minimum information (shown by a red asterisk) and click SAVE.

  6. In the saved Support Case that opens, complete the various text boxes and upload any required documents, files, etc. (see Content of a Support Request).
    To track the status of open support tickets, login to the Customer and Partner portal. Add information or communicate about the cases directly with the support team.