Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Object Store Configuration

Configuration parameters are set after installation (see Initialization Files and Save Paths).

Object Store Initialization File

Object Store depends on an initialization file to read and connect to its database. On installation, Object Store will use the ContentPilot.ini. However, Object Store also supports using objectstore.ini. If you use a separate initialization file for Object Store you only need to add the database settings.

IMPORTANT! If Director is started with the -inifile command line option, then values in objectstore.ini are overridden by ContentPilot.ini. Director will not read Object Store connection data from objectstore.ini.


  • login - User ID for the database connection

  • pwd - Password for the database connection

  • utf8 - Sets whether the program and database should use UTF8 font encoding.

  • nls_lang - If UTF-8 is used for the database, the NLS_LANG environment setting must be here.

  • name - This entry must contain the connection string for the database in the form: “hostname/instance name”. If a database client (e.g. Oracle Client) is used enter the TNS name.


Object Store configuration is simple. Using the Initialization File Editor, make sure that the Database Parameters in the Object Store Initialization File are according to your preferences. Next, configure the Save Paths.

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