Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Other Components

This section describes some components that are not part of the default setup, or are based on specialized Viz plugins used by designers to enable operator control over elements in the scene:

  • Table Editor Component

Table Editor Component

The TTWTableEditor component is derived from the Control List plugin; hence, it is only possible to use if the Control List plugin is part of a scene. The Table Editor component allows the Table Editor to be used when the scene is edited in Viz Pilot News or Director.

Notable Properties

  • ControlObjectName: Refers to the Field Identifier set for the Control List plugin.

  • Name: Sets the name of the table object.


  • GetTableController: Gets the table controller which can be assigned to a variable.

GetTableController functions and procedures




procedure setCellValue(rowIdx: Integer; colIdx: Integer; const value: WideString);

rowIdx: the 0 based row index to use.

colIdx: the 0 based column index to use.

value: The new Cell value.


function getCellValue(rowIdx: Integer; colIdx: Integer): WideString;

rowIdx: The 0 based row index to use.

colIdx: The 0 based column index to use.

Returns the current cell value at the supplied index.


function getRowCount: SYSINT;

Returns the number of rows


function getColumnCount: SYSINT;

Returns the number of columns.


procedure insertRow(Idx: Integer);

Idx: The 0 based row index to use.

Inserts an empty row at index Idx.


procedure deleteRow(Idx: Integer);

Idx:The 0 based row index to use.

Deletes the row at index Idx.


procedure moveRow(OldIdx: Integer; NewIdx: Integer);

OldIdx: The 0 based row index to move from.

NewIdx: The 0 based row index to move to.

Moves a row from old Idx to NewIdx

Script Example

If the name of the Table Editor component is Table, the table controller can be used to assign the table object to a variable. The GetTableController functions and procedures can be used to manipulate the table.

Sub SetValueClick(Sender)
Dim TableController
Set TableController = GetTableController(Table)
TableController.setCellValue 0,1,TWUniEdit1.Text
End Sub