Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Graphic Hub Database

This section describes how to manually configure the Graphic Hub database connection, it contains the following topics:

  • Graphic Hub Database Configuration

  • Troubleshooting Pilot Database on Graphic Hub

Graphic Hub comes with its own tools for maintenance tasks, such as importing and exporting data, backup and replication, automated cleanup tasks for Viz Pilot data elements and the Viz Pilot change log, and an integrity check. For more information see the Graphic Hub User’s Guide.

Graphic Hub Database Configuration


The Graphic Hub database needs to be configured in three places:

  1. For client applications, use the Viz Pilot Configuration Tool, either during the Viz Pilot System Installation , or afterwards. See To configure the database connection.

  2. For the Pilot Data Server, use the installation interface during Pilot Data Server Installation.

  3. For the Media Sequencer, in Director go to Tools > Media Sequencer Configuration > Database Tab.

    Note: For a detailed procedure, see the section Viz Pilot Database Management in the Graphic Hub User’s Guide.


In Viz Pilot 6.x and earlier, the Media Sequencer connected directly to Oracle for change notifications and to fetch Pilot data.

In Viz Pilot 7.x an alternative setup has been introduced. The Pilot Data Server now exposes all the data needed by the Media Sequencer through its REST interface. It also provides Change Notifications using the Stomp protocol. It is possible to configure the Media Sequencer to connect to the Pilot Data Server instead of the Pilot database.

Note: This setup requires Media Sequencer 4.0 or later.

Troubleshooting Pilot Database on Graphic Hub

When using a Graphic Hub as the Pilot database:

  • Graphic Hub and Graphic Hub REST are both needed. They install separately and must both be running.

  • The Media Sequencer, the clients, and the Pilot Data Server all need network access to Graphic Hub REST.

  • The Media Sequencer needs access to the Pilot Data Server as well, if it is configured to go directly to Oracle.

  • In addition to the existing log files, there is also one specifically for the Graphic Hub client in client applications (Viz Pilot News, Director, Template Wizard) and the Pilot Data Server. The log is located in %PROGRAMDATA%/vizrt/Logs/GraphicHub and %PROGRAMDATA%/vizrt/Viz GH Pilot. For more details, see the Graphic Hub User’s Guide.

  • The Status Indicators in Director which indicates the status of the database connection of the Media Sequencer (bottom right), however the indicator may be green even if the database the Media Sequencer is connected to is different from the one that Director is connected to (for example Director connects to Graphic Hub, while the Media Sequencer connects to Oracle). In this case things will not work and the configuration must be changed.

  • Media Sequencer 4.0 or later is required for Viz Pilot 7.x. If you are connected to an older Media Sequencer, the Media Sequencer configuration’s Database tab in Director looks the same as prior to Pilot 7 (see Media Sequencer 3.x and earlier).
    For troubleshooting on the Graphic Hub side refer to the Graphic Hub User’s Guide.