Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©


Current Limitations

  • Pilot DBA’s install path cannot contain spaces.

  • Pilot DBA can only login with Oracle’s system user.

Upgrade Considerations

As a general rule, the schema version should be upgraded to the same version as Director. Although, it is important to remember in which order to do the upgrade, and to do the actual schema upgrade work at a convenient time when the system is not in use.

Please refer to the Viz Pilot release notes for recommended schema version for a specific version of Viz Pilot system.

As the order is crucial for the functioning of the templates in the Viz Pilot system, the following order of upgrading is recommended. If instructions are not followed, and a newer version of Template Wizard is used to save a template, the template will most likely not work inside Viz Pilot News or Director.

  1. Upgrade Viz Pilot system’s schema in the Viz Pilot database

  2. Upgrade all clients except the Template Wizard client(s)

  3. Upgrade the Template Wizard client(s)
    The order of 1 and 2 can be switched, but the last component to be upgraded should always be the Template Wizard. This is to avoid saving down templates with new functionality that may come with the version, which is not supported by older versions of Viz Pilot News or Director.

Test the versions of Viz Pilot News, Template Wizard and Director you want to upgrade to, at least on one non-live client of each. The test should involve at least opening all templates in each client, saving down one data element of each template in Viz Pilot News, and finally playing all those data elements out from the updated Director.

Contact local support team with information about the current state of the Viz Pilot database; for example which version the current Viz Pilot schema is on, what version you want to upgrade to so that support is aware that the upgrade is happening and can prepare second line and personal follow-up, if needed.

When you start the upgrade process any data elements or new templates saved after this time may be lost if the upgrade is not successful. The chances of this are small, but it may happen and it should be incorporated into the plans.

If you have a main and standby setup, check that they are synchronized. If this is not the case, Vizrt support must be informed and any schema upgrade cannot go ahead before this is rectified. If it cannot be solved, a full recreation of the standby server may be needed before continuing. Also, a set time is needed where you can break the synchronization between the two databases.

Upgrade Limitations

When upgrading from a Viz Pilot 4.x or older version it is advisable to contact a local Vizrt representative or support person so they can advise on how to proceed. Some features found in Viz Pilot 4.x are not available in later versions.

When upgrading from a Viz Pilot 5.x version it is advisable to upgrade the database schema to the latest schema version that is compatible with the software version. When upgrading the database, please use the Database Administration tool. For more information on supported schema version, see the release notes.