Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Newsroom Integration Installation

This installation type applies to a newsroom work station, where Viz Pilot News is integrated with one or more newsroom or NLE systems. The software is normally integrated to newsroom systems as an embedded component. When using Viz Pilot News together with Vizrt’s Graphics Plugin for NLE, this is the installation type that should be used.

Note: When installing Viz Pilot News for use in a Java or web based newsroom system, the Oracle Instant Client should not be installed.

Note: As most newsroom computers running Viz Pilot News do not have administrator rights, you may need to install it using RunAs parameters, install the software from the command line, or use the Run as administrator context menu option available to Windows 7 users. Note that you must have administrator rights for this to work.

The Viz Pilot newsroom installation includes the following Viz Pilot Components:

  • Viz Pilot News

  • Object Store

  • Documentation

  • Oracle Drivers

  • Local preview plugin

  • Spell check plugin

  • Quick CG

    Note: The Local preview plugin can be removed if you prefer a setup using a remote Viz Engine for preview. Also, the Oracle Drivers can be removed if already having an instance of the Oracle Instant Client installed.

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