Viz Pilot User Guide

Version 8.0 | Published May 30, 2017 ©

Newsroom Integration

Newsroom integration is usually handled by Viz Pilot News. This part of the Viz Pilot system is an embedded client that runs within the newsroom system client.

An alternative is the Quick CG tool for creation of *cg like elements which also can be installed on newsroom system clients.

Both are used by journalists to fill templates with content and store them as data elements. The data elements are then put into a running order/rundown, created using a newsroom client, and made available to Director for monitoring and playout through Viz Gateway or Viz Device Manager.

Depending on the features selected during installation, Viz Pilot News allows you to search for templates, still images, audio and video clips. Templates can be opened and saved as data elements. Stills and videos can be searched for and added to templates; however, they can also be added directly into the newsroom story for fullscreen playout.

Preview of graphics and graphics with video is either available as local or remote preview. For remote preview, low resolution video clips are used instead of high resolution video clips.

The Quick CG tool is simpler, but more efficient when creating data elements that only contain text (e.g. lower thirds).

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